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free golden age comics

it turns out that much of the material produced in the 40s by publishers which are no longer trading (fiction house, etc) is now out of copyright. there are a couple of websites which host shedloads of free scans of … Continue reading

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continued next week – the art of the cliff hanger

any comic book scriptwriter knows how to organise suspense by leaving a story at a point when the hero falls off a cliff at the end of episode one + picking it up again when he lands safely on a … Continue reading

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diagnosing authors from symptoms read in their work

guessing what a writer was suffering from at the time they wrote something by reading between the lines of what they’ve written sounds about as scientific as trying to tell if someone is gay by looking at their hair style. … Continue reading

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the curse of terrible inking in the silver age

this follows on from two topics covered earlier on this site on the subjects of painting over pencil artwork + changing what it originally would have communicated to the reader, + how a different artist can destroy someone’s great pencils … Continue reading

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the comics code authority, sexual abnormalities + howard the duck

1     while still casually wondering who the villain turned out to be when they’re unmasked at the end of howard the duck 21 I came across some clues on the letters page of # 26 (c) marvel + possibly … Continue reading

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