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a short list of things to hope for in the forthcoming judge dredd tv series

0      judge dredd the comic strip is about future crime, not the characters or relationships of the regular cast – the people making the tv show will hopefully be aware of that the concept behind the story ought … Continue reading

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new worlds science fiction cover artists

from evidence on the cover of the sf magazine new worlds it turns out that the reknowned comic strip artist sydney jordan also produced colour paintings (+ apparently he was not all that hot at this) according to the same … Continue reading

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UK small press in the 70s + 80s

1       the trouble with 70s + 80s small press publications especially in the UK is that they frequently did not compare well with the mainstream media alongside which they appeared 1 the trouble with 70s + 80s small press … Continue reading

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comics with separate script + artwork

(c) fleetway 1966 here a distinction is going to be made between what most people think of as a comic strip (an industrial artform consisting of intermingling verbal + visual systems, ie with script + artwork in the same panel) … Continue reading

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