apropos of nothing


apropos of nothing: here is an image of bat hound

(c) DC 1959

addendum oct 2017: apropos of something

the previous article on this site included a discussion of black + white artwork + at the start of that showed an example of it, like anyone reading the post was unaware of what ‘black + white’ meant. so instead of making a series of glaringly obvious statements about this image it was initially left to speak for itself

because john berger did exactly the same thing in ways of seeing here are the notes for the article intended to accompany the picture

re the composition:

note use of classic comic book imagery (love hearts)

profile images of bruce + dick resemble + predate the opening title sequence of the batman tv series (probably coincidentally)

placing a cartoon animal in the centre of the frame + giving it the last word is a standard way to end a short animated film (cf warner brothers – ‘that’s all folks’)

(c) DC 1959

re the story: (note the whole strip may be found in batman 125 + was reprinted in annual 7)

this is about an animal sounding the alarm when humans are in danger – trapped down a mine in this instance, which is the exact cliche

skippy, flipper, lassie etc have all caused people to say ‘I think he wants us to follow him’ + rescued their human friends while exhibiting the values of bravery, selflessness, ingenuity, etc

these tales need to be told in an identical fashion with as little irony as can be mustered for each successive generation of children + the author of this strip (Bill Finger) has managed to weave such a tale into a batman comic: nice one


the internet is full of images of peoples’ pets – this is the equivalent of that for a site about comics

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