the hottie house siege

as momentum seems to be beginning to build for a sequel to dredd 3d the time has come for someone to step up + remind anyone making another attempt at filming this character about how the yin + yang concepts of violence + humour fit together: the film makers are sure to find this website (the internet’s not as big as they tell you) + agree with the opinions expressed in it.  as there are now two articles here basically saying the same thing success is assured.  or perhaps that’s just the progressive lobotomy speaking

according to barney

the strip reproduced below has not seen print since judge dredd the megazine volume 2 number 31 (select ‘Judge Dredd Megazines’ in the right hand column + enter search term 2.31 in the edit box) – although it’s bound to be somewhere in the complete case files

it is presented complete + unabridged as the humour was getting lost in the extract initially intended to be put up here – buy a copy of the relevant case file if interested in similar material

for anyone reading this who has only seen the stallone dredd movie – this is a typical judge dredd strip in that it is a self contained story about future crime which does not deal with the motivation or back story of dredd himself

although at this distance in time the hottie house siege can be read as plain slapstick at the time of its original publication there was a satirical element.  satire seldom has its intended effect of bringing about change, but it does provide one of the ways of coping with the endless stream of genuinely distressing things the news hits us over the head with at irregular intervals (by its author turning these into some form of joke, offering the rest of us the opportunity to laugh some of the stress away, until the next real atrocity comes along)

something like john wagner’s actual views may be voiced by brother milton at the bottom of page 4

The Hottie House Siege

by John Wagner + Steve Brown

hottie house siege 01hottie house siege 02hottie house siege 03hottie house siege 04hottie house siege 05hottie house siege 06hottie house siege 07hottie house siege 08hottie house siege 09                                         copyright rebellion 1993

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