british characters appearing in US comics

the oddest british character to feature in a DC title was this amazingly unintelligent probable fashion model who appeared at least twice in the early seventies, from memory in one of either heart throbs or secret hearts.  her exploits played out over a one page story each time, with the plot entailing her overhearing her boyfriend, misinterpreting whatever he had said + initiating a row.  the boyfriend then explains what he actually meant + in the last frame they embrace.  if anyone reading this knows who I’m talking about could they email scans (with title + issue number as filenames) to the address on my home page

apart from this girl (one of the only british citizens not to be a supporting character) only percival pinkerton (+ sergeant fury’s girlfriend), batman’s butler + all the dogs in kamandi come instantly to mind.  on deeper reflection ‘the return of the mad mod’ in teen titans 17 is probably the ultimate example of silver age british people (+ definitely the best cover) even though he was only an occasionally appearing villain.  the dialogue varies from ‘aye me duckies the greatest snitch in british istory’ (total class) to completely indecipherable jargon.  it’s difficult to say if this is a good thing to have in a script or not: if anyone has an opinion about this (or better examples of UK dialects being represented in print in the silver age) feel free to post a reply

on the subject of percival pinkerton, I have been thinking about him recently because apparently in reality there actually was a major in the british army during world war two who went into battle carrying an umbrella

according to an anecdote by the comedian Humphrey Ker this was a guy called Allison Digby Tatham-Warter.  when asked by someone re the umbrella ‘what are you going to do if you get caught in a fire fight’ he responded ‘what are you going to do if it rains?’ [The Museum of Curiosity – Series 5 episode 3 BBC Radio 4 6:30PM Mon 15 Oct 2012]

a variant of this story (and more besides) may be found by following the link below

could it be possible the rest of the cast of sgt fury’s howling commandos really existed + are not as we had all hitherto assumed stereotypes?  in any event someone will have to ask stan about major Tatham-Warter…

extract from sergeant fury 16 by dick ayers (c) marvel 1965.  if anyone can find an equally good use of the umbrella by john severin (surely there can’t be a better use than catching + returning two stick grenades) let the world know

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