• 1950 – 1975 US superhero, science fiction, horror, crime + romance comics
  • any 50s – 90s UK comics except funnies (ideally with some of the same themes as listed above)



random articles about comics + related media, some of which may turn out be of interest to the sort of people who search for this site.  if you suspect you might be that sort of person check under the dates in the archives column on the right
arrow radio colour smalltitles of the last five articles are shown under recent posts


  •                 london super comic con

the biggest comic convention in the UK

  •                 london comic mart

the best straight collectors’ fair
12:00 – 16:00 ten sundays per year
free admission

royal national hotel
bedford way
london WC1H 0AP

check website before travelling – dates can move about due to clashes with other shows

  •                showmasters two day events

after the demise of the convention in bristol (1999 -> 2014) the events being organised by showmasters

who have recently established a circuit of two day shows in large venues spaced out around the UK, visiting each venue twice annually, deserve support.  this sort of circuit has existed before for small one day comic fairs – doing the same thing for conventions is a major achievement

also (although I have no recent experience of either of the following)

  •                 rebellion

still publishing 2000ad even though the title now refers to a date in the past.  kudos.  (they don’t call them rebellion for nothing)

  •                 golden orbit

organising events in the north west since at least the early 90’s.  also I once came across a fanzine edited by gez kelly – a man of at least two significant talents.  how many of the rest of us get that far

  • note:

I have attempted to acknowledge the owners of any copyright materials utilised on this website.  could any individual or organisation who feels their copyright has not been acknowledged please use the contact address at the top of this page so the site may be amended.  rights to the text of the articles on this site are my own, (c) date of publication


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